Why Pioneer Party?

Who is Pioneer Party?

Pioneer Europe Ltd. is the European subsidiary of Pioneer Balloon Company and is part of a global organisation with offices in USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Pioneer is best known for the Qualatex® balloon brand - widely regarded by professionals as "The Very Best Balloons".

Why Pioneer Party?

  • Pioneer Europe Limited holds multiple key licenses across party product and balloon ranges.
  • Provides support, education and tailored retail solutions.
  • Pioneer Europe is the exclusive distributor of Procos Partyware in England, Scotland and Wales, offering over 20 popular licenses from Disney, Universal and more!
  • Customer success is our philosophy, and our extensive knowledge and broad range means we can offer your business the tools you need to become the complete party provider.
  • Constantly reviewing our product ranges to ensure we are producing and selling the most sustainable options for our customers.

Where to buy?

Whether you are a distributor, Pioneer Party direct customer or an end user of our partyware. You can find all the ways to purchase our products on our How to Order page. 

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